Check me out, the worst blog runner in the world! :(

Work has been insane and I took a small holiday this past weekend.   

I can’t make any promises, but I do want to post more on here, so I will be having a rewatch SOON. :)

arizonaiscallieshappyending asked: there will be a season 2? I LOVE THIS SHOW!

No word on that yet, but once there is, I’ll be sure to post it!!! Keep spreading that love around! :) 

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alanao asked: Are there more gag reels? I think what's on the youtube channel isn't all the episodes. We just want MORE of you guys all the time. :)

I have no idea if there are any else, I can only access what’s on their youtube. But I can feel around and see if there’s more! I’m with you on wanting more!! I want a season 2 :)

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kevinspaceballs asked: Please gag reel! Please!

What would you like me to do with the gag reel?? I can gather up all of them in one convient post, and start some gif making as well! :)

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New drum pad. FYI: no baby inside of there. Pregnancy pad. #mantzoukas @playinghouseusa #drumline #wipeout #latergram

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Vote for @playinghouseusa on @eonline’s ballot! Vote as many times as you like! #mostunderratedshow #bestnewshow

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Now that there's no more new episodes, (extreme sad face!!), you can freely send in requests of bloopers or favorite parts or anything! :)

and you will always be a part of this family.